Has the Internet Changed the Rules of Writing?

The Internet has definitely brought different rules to writing than were taught to us in high school English classes. When people read blogs, eBooks or web content on the Internet, they have a tendency to skim the words and overlook some mistakes.

Readers want short sentences and paragraphs and don’t really care if a preposition hangs at the end of a sentence. Serious English students and teachers of English will cringe at the new rules, but if you’re writing for an online audience, you’ll want to know the basic facts.

Writing for the Internet means that you’ll want to cut the fat out of your writing. You’ll want to know what the rules of grammar, punctuation and spelling are, but how not to go overboard with them.

You should be consistent in your writing style – and that means you should also develop continuity in how you put together a phrase. People tend to follow a writing style that they like and are comfortable with.

Don’t make readers cringe with your lack of rules, but don’t make your sentences look like you went overboard in being a stickler for every rule in the book, either.

The Internet has definitely changed the rules and made them more relaxed. But there are some basic polishing maneuvers you can do to ensure your content looks professional. We will discuss them in the next few posts.


What do you think? Has the internet changed the rules of writing and grammar?