Writing Drunk and Editing Sober?!

While surfing the net today I found this infographic about the science behind “writing drunk and editing sober.” It is an interesting view of the advice often credited to Hemingway. One takeaway is that you should definitely not edit drunk – you might try coffee instead.

Courtesy of: The Expert Editor

The Ultimate Beginner’s Guide to Writing Essays

  • Do you know what makes a good essay?
  • Do you need to write an essay for school, college, or university?
  • What grammar mistakes should you avoid?
  • When’s the right time for the conclusion and what style and persona should it be written in?

For their third infographic on essay writing, GrammarCheck compiled a list of important tips for your next essay, which will answer all of these questions and more.

The Ultimate Beginner's Guide to Writing Essays (Infographic)

10-Step Guide to Proofreading Essays Quickly

In the second of three infographics about writing essays, GrammarCheck shows you how to efficiently proofread an essay. It highlights ten common mistakes and explains how to fix them. It also includes some valuable writing tips on how to make your next essay more effective and engaging.

The 10-Step Guide to Proofreading Essays Quickly (Infographic)

How to Write an Essay Like the Pros

Do you know what makes a good essay? This infographic from Jennifer Frost at GrammarCheck teaches you the rules as well as the steps of writing a great essay. It also includes some common mistakes to avoid when writing essays.

How to Write an Essay Like the Pros (Infographic)

Bye Grammar Mistakes! 21 Rules to Remember

Jennifer Frost from offers this infographic with 21 frequently ignored (or unknown) grammar rules and writing mistakes that everyone who writes should know:

Bye Grammar Mistakes! 21 Rules to Remember (Infographic)